Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Recent works

Double click on the images below to see our portfolio of video spokesperson products on over 20 live websites in various industries.

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Call us today and ask for special pricing if combined with any design package!

Adding a video spokesperson to your website will increase your visitor retention. Using one of our video spokesmodels has proven to increase your bottom line. Combine this product with our web design,, pay-per-click ads and our Search Engine Optimization services, you will surely see an increase in your web site traffic.

Free with any Videoperson purchase:

  • Video Sequencing: This allows you to rotate a number of videos in sequence, so your visitors see a new welcome video every time they come back to your web page.
  • Numerous Autoplay options: Elect to have the video start automatically, via play button or autoplay a set number of times..
  • Autoplay without sound: Sometimes you may not want your corporate audience to be surprised by the auto playing, so you have the option to turn off the audio on the auto play.
  • Timed events like auto-pause: Have your actor ask a question and automatically pause the video. Force them to click a button or just resume playback. Options are limit less.
  • Dim the lights please: This option is implemented via code and automatically dims the background of your web page so that the actor stands out while they are speaking.

Recent Works

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We are committed to provide you with the best service available on the market. Our one year money back guarantee and unlimited support on a low hourly base that we guarantee will not change for the first five years of your service shows our commitment to help you succeed.

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