How a website designer can promote your business locally

Did you know that 97% of people search for local businesses online? With most customers turning to the internet to find the right local business for their needs, business owners cannot overlook the importance of an efficient website to market their business.
A company website does more than just represent your brand and list your products. It is a valuable marketing tool that can enhance your business image, improve business prospects and drive sales.
local business website designA well-designed website increases your chances of being found by local customers and landing sales. Only a SEO savvy designer can engineer such a targeted website, complete with all the necessary features to grab the attention of potential customers.
Here are some of the ways in which a local website designer can promote your business locally:
1- Design a custom website suitable for your business
Understanding the audience is the key for the success of a website design ad not the website itself. Your local designer has been facing the same challenges to target the local audience and he or she can help you based on the local insight gathered overtime. Professional designers have the expertise to integrate your business goals and the expectations of your audience into an appealing website that identifies with your business. They can design practical, efficient websites that are aesthetically pleasing, equipped with easy navigation features and address business needs like easy updates to product listings, blog pages and promotions.
2- Develop a responsive website
Tech-savvy users search for local businesses on various devices like computers, laptops and handheld devices. You may miss a business opportunity if your website is not readable on any of these digital screens. Responsive website designs automatically adapt to any screen, and allow your customers to easily browse your content. For more details on how this works, read our previous article on advantages of responsive web design.  A website developer can create an optimized responsive design for your website that works on a range of devices. Search engines now include the responsiveness of your website into their ranking algorithms and most businesses don’t even know about this.
3- Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
To improve visibility in local circles, your website should rank high in local search engine results. A web designer who is familiar with your customer base will employ suitable SEO strategies and ensure that the name of your city or region naturally appears throughout the website. Enhance website visibility with strategic placement of location keywords in website content pages. A local designers backlink to your business as a reputed and established local business will boost your credibility on the web (known as web equity) and build connections overtime. They will use the following techniques to help you gain the competitive SEO advantage:
a. Targeted title and meta description tags
Keyword-optimized titles and targeted descriptions that compel not only search engines to consider your website relevant for visitors for those local keywords but also local customers who run a google search will be more likely to click on your link since it includes the name of the city that is familiar with the potential local client.
b. Geo-tagging
Tagged images and videos that make it easier for search engines to link your website to your physical location. Having a google map on your website and also connecting your website to your google local listing will improve your relevancy score in search engine rankings. Also, creating separate pages for individual business locations will improve search rankings for localized phrases. Feature local information/events on the website will also increase the visibility of your content and keywords.

c. Google map integration and google listings

Google maps embedded into your website, preferably in the “Contact Us” page will boost the SEO value of your website. Also claiming your “Google My Business” listing to appear in Google’s online directories is a key in your local success and rankings.

In a nutshell, your website has the power to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary. Hire the talents of a professional web designer to effectively position your business ahead of your competition, and easily connect with local customers.



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