What kinds of internet marketing is best for your business


There are plenty of ways to market your products online using ad networks, Ebay, affiliate networks, cost per click marketing with Google Adwords, MSN or Yahoo Overture. Also, there are many 2nd tier cost per sale networks with revenue share available for e-commerce website. You need to have a good strategic internet marketing campaign and use the internet marketing tools offered online. Dana Web Design Marketing Division can help you strategize and place targeted ads on the internet and get your website optimized in search engine results, but ultimately you need to determine what kind of internet marketing will work best for your business. It used to be that you bought CPM (cost per thousand) ad campaigns on large sites and hoped the ads would perform well and get traffic to your website. Nowadays, there are plenty of options and usually one will work better than another for each campaign you run. It appears that internet marketing strategy points towards using the cost per click internet marketing tool as the best way to get return on investment. Googles Adwords and Yahoos Overture cost per click programs have dominated the internet marketing world for the last 2 years and they are only getting larger and stronger. There are internet marketing companies popping up to help beginners learn the ropes of how to use Adwords and Overture to the best of their ability. If you want to establish a brand name, then cost per click would not be an internet marketing solution. Instead for online branding, you would go with a CPM campaign that is a straight cost. The targeted advertising that now exists online is why the ad spending

has slowly been leaving TV and Radio and shifting to the Internet. Why guess if you are ad campaigns are working with Radio or TV when you can actually track individual results online. The internet changes fast and any company looking to optimize their online presence needs to adapt and adjust to the latest technology.

Googles Adwords vs Yahoo Overture:
Internet marketing strategy better start with the cost per click ad buys available on Google Adwords or Yahoos Overture service. These 2 programs offer the best return on your investment once you can determine what the average sale is worth on your site. Then you can work backwards with the math and figure out what you are willing to pay for a click to your site. The better conversion rate from click to sale will allow you to bid higher on terms that are related to your site. With both Google and Yahoo you get to bid on search terms that users are searching for online and hope that they will click on your text or image ad and potentially buy from your website. Google Adwords is so automated that it's scary. Signup, deposit your funds, pick the keywords you want to bid on, place your bids, and wait for the clicks to start. We have heard that Google offers an overall better service than Yahoo and that is why they continue to grow so fast. We would recommend trying a similar ad buy on both Adwords and Overture and see how the results come out.

CPM vs Cost Per Click vs Revshare:
As mentioned above, CPM advertising dominated when the internet first broke out in the late 1990's. Companies didn't necessarily have a strategic internet marketing plan, they just needed to spend their ad budgets somewhere. So they bought huge CPM ad campaigns on the major sites and waited for results. Unfortunately many went bankrupt before they figured out how the internet marketing worked. Very few advertisers can get buy with CPM ad buys unless all they want is branding recognition. Cost per click advertising eventually came about but with traditional banner ads not producing results, many companies stopped buying online ads for a few years since nothing seemed to produce results. Then, Overture keyword advertising and Google Adwords were developed to help all those 1000's of companies looking for a new internet marketing strategy. Boy did they hit the nail on the head. Now, even the smallest companies could buy keywords on search engines result pages for whatever topic they wanted and they were able to monetize the click thrus. CPM advertising is dead, but CPC and revenue share programs have survived ok. Revenue share programs for internet marketers work out well since they only pay when someone actually buys a product. Therefore, there is no upfront ad expenditure or marketing cost, they only pay on the back end of the sale.

Ad Networks (FastClick, Valueclick, Doubleclick):
It used to be DoubleClick and the Luna Network that people signed up with to get their ads placed online and now their ad networks are dead. Valueclick (just recently bought FastClick) is one of the leading ad networks out there. They help place ads on the lower tiered sites for people looking to market their products to a smaller market. These ad networks do their best to target ads, but they are having a hard time competing with Google and Yahoo. Smaller tiered sites will probably always work with ad networks so that they can make that extra $100-$500/month so internet marketing strategy should at least consider using the ad networks as one avenue to get cost effective advertising online. The same user that appears on Yahoo may cost 1/10 the price to market to on a site once they leave Yahoo. Does it make sense to pay Yahoo $45 CPM when you can market to the same user on a lower tiered site for $2 CPM?

Affiliate Marketing Programs (Commission Junction)
Internet marketing online should always include some form of affiliate marketing programs. By using an internet marketing service like Commission Junction (CJ.com), you can potentially have 100's of affiliates selling your products within days of starting your program. They work like worker bees for you and you only pay when there are results. The better the product sells, the more affiliates will sign up due to word of mouth. Fraud has always been an issue with affiliate programs both for affiliates and the company offering the program. The tracking used to be sketchy at best, but it does seem like now the online tracking is much better and honest and integrity have won out.

Using Ebayand Google Base to market my goods on the internet:
If you have not heard of Ebay, you must have been on the moon for the last 10 years. They run the largest online auction website in the world and no one else is close to handling the amount of items they do each day. They have some excellent internet marketing tools that allow you to run auctions for your products in a well organized manner. If you are looking for a marketplace with millions of daily users, then give Ebay a try. You can actually sign up with Ebay through the Commission Junction site listed above. Google Base is a free service to list your products.


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