Why is Now the Best Time to Upgrade Your Website During the COVID 19 Lockdown

unrecognizable person in face mask working in the YZ4U3C6For most business owners living in the greater Long Beach area, the COVID-19 or Coronavirus lockdown has had a major effect. Even many online business owners have seen the market change radically during this time. And while the end of the lockdown and return to normalcy is on the way, there are still things you can do today to improve your marketing position when you engage web design and upgrade services.

As the old saying goes, it’s not the time you have, but what you do with it that counts. A web re-design may be just the ticket to boosting your presence online. Engaging the services of a reputable Long Beach web design company can put your business one step ahead when the lockdown ends, your employees return, and customers start shopping again.

Why Optimize Your Website During COVID-19 lockdown?

The easy answer is that with the COVID-19 lockdown in place, there is not much many Long Beach business owners have to do other than review their websites.
But the real answer is that you now have the time to really look at your website and judge its performance. All too often, business owners are caught up in other essential matters that do not give them the time to see what is really working on their sites. With this time available, you can review and update your website so that it better serves your customers today and when the lockdown is lifted.

ITandOnlineLifeByBarsrsindThe older your content becomes, the less effective it will be in staying ranked high. High rankings are crucial for businesses trying to stay in the public eye. Whether your customers walk into your store in Long Beach or come from around the world, updating old content and replacing it with new articles, descriptions, and the like will boost your online presence.

If anything, the lockdown has given Long Beach business owners the time to review their websites to see what content is still relevant and what needs improvement. One aspect that often gets overlooked is readability. The easier it is to read and digest the content on your website, the more engaged your visitors become. Long beach web design is offering copy writing services to improve your content and make it more search engine friendly.

Optimizing content often means looking at what keywords are working and what keywords need work. A proper web re-design can identify keywords that are not ranking well and replace them with new ones that get more attention. The same is true with the links used to provide authority to your site. Broken links or links to sources that are no longer authoritative could be hurting your online presence right now.

With search engine optimization (SEO) being arguably the best passive form of marketing on the web for businesses with an online presence, having your keywords updated and augmented with the proper links is a must.

Why Upgrade Your Website During Coronavirus lockdown?

With money being tight and the future uncertain, it is quite prudent to be careful with your money. But there are ways you can bolster your website without having to expend a lot of capital.

Contact: Keeping in contact with your customers as well as your employees during this time is crucial. By working to upgrade your website, you open the lines of communication even wider to ensure that your presence online is active. This can be as simple as launching a new email newsletter, sending out more text messages, or opening up a new line of communication from your business to your employees and customers.

For your employees who may be laid off right now, staying in contact provides reassurance that things will get back to normal. For your customers, it reminds them that your business is still here to serve them. 

Expansion: Have you thought about expanding the capabilities of your website before, but simply did not have the time to do them? Well, you have the time now and a web upgrade by a Long Beach Web Design company can be one method you can use to expand your online reach.
And it can start small with hosting online presentations, live chats, and other demonstrations that can help you stay in contact with customers and provide greater value when visiting your website. You can then expand by adding new pages which showcase new products or services that will be ready for your customers when they are ready to shop.

Improvement: Some of the best ways that a Long Beach web design company can augment your website is by improving the functions that it offers to your existing services. This means going over your inventory and looking at the logistics and scheduling of your supply chain. By addressing these areas now, you may be able to head off events that may unduly affect your business in the future.

Time: Perhaps the most important reason to move now is that time is always moving forward. What you put off to tomorrow may put your business on the back foot when the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted, and customers start looking for places to shop. This is because your competition is looking for ways to take advantage of the downtime and find ways to get ahead. You may not have the time or resources to play catch-up if you wait too long.

There is little doubt that COVID-19 has had a major impact on businesses around the world. Taking advantage of that time here in Long Beach will allow you to be ready when the lockdown ends.

That’s why hiring a Long Beach web design company for upgrade or web re-design is a smart marketing move. Take advantage of the time you have today with a Long Beach web upgrade and be prepared for tomorrow.

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